Auto/Control batch systems have a long history with ATS, Inc. We have installed and serviced  Auto/Controls for over 40 years.

As time moves forward, the technology does too. Some parts are difficult to obtain. However we have in-stock,  a limited quantity of circuit boards and expendable parts to extend the life of these controls until you choose to retire them or until we simply can’t fix them. These controls keep on running and ATS will continue to help support them.  Also, please check out the forum on the left to ask advice or questions if it is not urgent.  We reply when we can. 

Pictured above is an ATS 80 or 90 series power supply. An example of finding solutions to obsolete parts

Auto/Control 80/25

Auto/Control 80/40

Auto/Control 80/50

Auto/Control 90/10

Auto/Control 90/20

Auto/Control 90/40


80 Series chassis mount monitors

90 Series Monochrome Monitor ( Non VGA)


Auto Control support for you!